Become a member, color a brighter future

One of the greatest benefits joining a parent teacher association (PTA) is to help teachers to understand students from the parent's perspective and vice versa. The importance of knowing what to expect and how a school functions to solve any issues that appear. Here, at Carroll Elementary, school fundraisers directly influence how many academic enriching programs can be offered during the school year.
Establishing a relationship with parents, teachers, and students is paramount in assuring students are receiving the best possible education. More importantly, having being able to voice your opinion and champion on matters that you care for, will directly impact the school.
Often parents feel that joining the PTA means you will have to directly help and give up time on top of paying for membership. This is entirely false since the payment you make helps us continue running fundraisers and other events. With that being said, help is always welcome! Volunteering time at major fundraising events or even showing up to PTA meetings enable us to have multiple views on issues that arise.
Simply fill out the form on this page and submit it at the school's office PTA box or teacher. If you do not have means to print it, feel free to pick up a form at the school office and submit it then. We also have the forms present at most large events that we host.