Our Story

(History of PTA)

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Who We Are

The main function of our PTA at Carroll Elementary is to build strong working relationships among parents, teachers and schools to support students.  This can include recruiting and coordinating volunteers, providing special recognition in award ceremonies or through other activities, organizing parent education events, planning teacher appreciation activities and so much more!

Our primary perceived function is to provide a direct monetary supplement to the school through fundraising to ensure all the of ideal programs for our children are maintained.

Interested in becoming a board member?

For those who are seeking to invest more of their time to help coordinate PTA functions and helping provide a more positively enriching school campus. Please fill out the form and submit to the school office PTA box.

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Meet Our Board Members!

Greasing the gears to keep this school running.

Ahmanal Dorsey

Ahmanal Dorsey

Joanadair Avera

JoanAdair Avera

Vice President
Ashley Dodd

Ashley Doss

Chi Nguyen

Chi Nguyen